aims to capture all of the displays and events that have displays around the United Kingdom and put them in one place making it super easy for everyone to find. Obviously November the 5th, Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night is the most popular period for fireworks displays in the UK, with many organised displays taking place around the country on the night itself or a weekend evening close to the date. I hope that this website makes it easy for people to find a good display in their area for this period and generally throughout the year. Fireworks are becoming increasingly popular at other events such as sports and live shows where they are used to open or close the event. Although people don’t necessarily go to these events for the fireworks, many of them are free to attend and I hope this website helps to promote those events and spread the word.

Organised fireworks displays

Generally it is safer to visit an organised public fireworks display as various risk assessments are required and insurance has to be in place. Also, an organised display will be better than anything you can create in your back garden – unless you have a huge budget and lots of skill and experience in creating a display! Listing a display or an event that has a display is free on this website and anyone, including members of the public can create a listing so if you know of a display, please add it to the website and let everyone know about it.